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ThermalHug™ - USB Heated Blanket

ThermalHug™ - USB Heated Blanket

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Embrace the Warmth; Unwind in Electric Elegance

A portable cocoon of warmth, powered by USB for ultimate convenience - the ThermalHug offers portable comfort and a versatile solution for any situation.

Perfect for relaxing at home, experience customizable comfort with adjustable settings to provide therapeutic warmth and a cozy escape from the cold.

Man wrapping a woman's shoulders with a gray, heated, wearable blanket while in bed

Portable Warmth On-the-Go: The ThermalHug is wearable, providing instant and portable warmth wherever you are. Say goodbye to cold office spaces as you carry the coziness with you.

Customizable Comfort: Whether you're in the mood for a gentle heat or need extra warmth on a chilly day, the ThermalHug's three adjustable settings between 40-60°C ensures a personalized and comfortable experience.

Velvet Luxury: Indulge in the plush comfort of the ThermalHug's soft and luxurious velvet. The fabric not only enhances the warmth but also adds a touch of luxury, making it an inviting and cozy accessory for relaxation.

Plug, Sit Back, Relax: Charge quickly and easily via any USB outlet. This convenient feature gives you the flexibility to power your blanket from the sofa, in bed, or while working at your desk!

Versatile and Stylish: Wear the ThermalHug as a fashion statement while enjoying the warmth; drape it over your shoulders for a cozy and chic look. The versatility makes it an essential accessory for those who prioritize both comfort and style.

Woman putting on and turning on a gray, heated, wearable blanket

"The fact that it charges by USB is so convenient – I've used it on road trips, outdoor events, and even while working from home." - Lucy H

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Customer Reviews

Based on 56 reviews
Vanessa Lowe

Very warm. Great product. I recommended this product

Selena Volkman

Quality and good price aswell

Gavin King

Excellent, I would buy again

Estevan Breitenberg

Thank you for the fast delivery and the cost is very good. Works well
I want to use it when traveling in Europe.

Giovani Zieme

Everything OK, thank you very much