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StyleBlend™ - Hair Straightening Comb

StyleBlend™ - Hair Straightening Comb

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Unleash the Power of Perfectly Straight Hair, No Matter Where You Are

The dual-purpose StyleBlend not only untangles and smoothens your hair with its expertly spaced bristles, but also incorporates advanced heating technology to gently straighten your locks as you comb through them.

The result is not just tangle-free hair, but a beautifully styled, straightened look without the need for multiple tools. Achieve natural-looking straight hair on the go!

Green, electric comb next to an image of a brunette with frizzy hair and an image of the same brunette with straight hair

✅ Time Efficiency: The StyleBlend streamlines your hair care routine by combining combing and straightening in one step, saving you valuable time during your daily styling routine.

✅ Versatile Styling: Enjoy the flexibility of effortlessly switching between a casual, untangled look and a sleek, straight hairstyle with the StyleBlend's dual functionality of comb and straightener hybrid.

✅ Gentle on Hair: The advanced heating technology in the comb ensures a gentle straightening process, minimizing damage to your hair compared to traditional straighteners, leaving your locks smooth and healthy.

✅ Travel-Friendly: The StyleBlend allows you to achieve salon-quality results on the go. Its compact design and dual-purpose functionality make it the perfect travel companion for maintaining your desired hairstyle wherever you are.

✅ Simplified Hair Care: Bid farewell to the clutter of multiple styling tools. The StyleBlend simplifies your haircare toolkit, offering a convenient all-in-one solution that you can store in your handbag, carry-on luggage, etc - making it easy for anyone to achieve a polished look effortlessly.

Women using a heated, electric comb to straighten their hair

"I take this on my holidays, it's pretty convenient when I'm trying to keep my baggage light" - Lucy K

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Customer Reviews

Based on 63 reviews
Alessia Stracke

Looks good! I was happy that I got it super fast and it has a great impression.

Catherine Jenkins

Great product

Darrel Runte

Yet to use it however it’s good as described , tried it and it seemed excellent so far 🤝🏾

Scot Oberbrunner

Free shipping new arrival sealed וארוז well, taking time long מהמוצע to heat for about 10 minutes, child Safe use הברזלים שמתחממים do not come in contact with the skin, but לצערי להתוצאה no best, Not fits למתולתלות, my hair wavy bouffant, lowers volume ועדיין וצאה perfect,

Lola Kreiger

Great for travel