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ElevateStep™ - Height Increasing Dress Shoe

ElevateStep™ - Height Increasing Dress Shoe

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Step Into Confidence With A Taller, Bolder You!

The ElevateStep provides an immediate confidence boost by discreetly adding extra height. The sneakers encourage better posture, making them a versatile and comfortable choice to make you the center of any formal occasion.

Confidence starts with the shoes, so start to feel more empowered with these stylish dress shoes. The ElevateStep is a stylish and practical accessory that elevates both physical height and personal confidence.

Man wearing black, polished, height-increasing dress shoes while sitting on a fancy red chair

Discreet Height Increase: These height-increasing dress shoes provide a significant boost of either 6cm or 8cm in height, instantly enhancing your stature and presence.

Boost Your Confidence: With the added height, the ElevateStep offers a noticeable confidence boost, allowing you to feel more self-assured at any interview, conference, wedding, etc.

Improve Your Posture: Wearing height-increasing shoes encourages better posture, helping you stand tall, look more poised, and present yourself with greater confidence.

✅ Comfortable All-Day Wear: The ElevateStep is specifically designed with comfort in mind, offering cushioning and support to ensure that your feet remain comfortable even with the added elevation.

✅ Versatile Style: These dress shoes provide a versatile and fashionable footwear choice for any formal or smart casual occasion. The extra couple of inches instantly lets you stand tall in a crowd, drawing the eyes of everyone around.

Man walking on the spot while wearing a pair of black, polished, height-increasing dress shoes

"My stylish secret weapon! They're a confidence booster that I can wear every day" - Vincent T

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Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
Kyle Block

Great product. Comfortable and beautiful.

Donavon Bednar

Sneakers is perfect!! Really comes 10cm, delivers what the ad says.

Garland Hagenes

I am super pleased. These shoes look great and fit perfectly. The elevator insole is removable, which is nice because it is not super comfortable. I don’t mind the height but they are very hard. I removed them and replaced them with some softer insoles that I already had. I wear a size 9.5-10 US and I purchased size 44.

Ottilie Johnson

Very nice and comfortable

Bobbie Lesch

Good quality