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Nuvoria™ Menstrual Relief Pad - BUY ONE GET TWO FREE!

Nuvoria™ Menstrual Relief Pad - BUY ONE GET TWO FREE!

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Introducing the Menstrual Relief Pad, a drug-free period pain relief device that actually works.

😊 Guaranteed to relieve period cramps
💕 Reduces bloating
✨ Painless and Non-toxic
Unnoticeable under clothing
🧼 Machine Washable
🔥 3 Heat Settings
💓 3 Vibration Settings (Pro)

What's Included

Every package comes with:

- Menstrual Relief Pad

- Power Cable + Extension Chord

- Instructions

*Portable battery pack purchased seperatly

How To Use

Simply strap it around your waist, adjust it to fit, power it on, and enjoy instant relief. Our pad is fully customizable, allowing you to change the level of heat to whatever fits your needs. 

Free Shipping

Enjoy free worldwide shipping! Delivered to your door within 5-10 business days.

Pain-Free Guarantee

If for any reason you are not completely satisfied, we offer a 30 day refund and returns guarantee!

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  • Put It On

    Wrap around your body with it's adjustable strap

  • Select The Mode

    Turn the pad on and choose between 3 soothing massage modes.

  • And relax!

    Let our period pad take care of the rest while you enjoy a pain-free life!

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Why Choose Us?

Your New Best Friend

Unlike other menstrual pain relief options, the Nuvoria Menstrual Relief Pad really works! The sleek, lightweight design makes it ideal to wear under your favorite clothes to keep you comfortable at home and on the go.

The fully adjustable strap makes it easy to use and is suitable for all body types. The 3 different heat settings and 3 massage modes (Pro) provide instant soothing heat to relieve cramps and muscle pain at the source!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I use Nuvoria Menustral Relief Pad

Nuvoria Pain Relief Pad can be worn anywhere. It has a slim, lightweight design for maximum comfort.

Does Nuvoria Pain Relief Pad really work?

Without a doubt! In numerous scientific papers, heat and massage therapy have been shown to be more effective than pain medication. Heat works by relaxing the muscles of the uterus and increasing blood circulation. Massage therapy helps by reducing uterine muscle spasms and relieves pain and stress.

Does this come with a battery pack or power bank?

The device does not come with a battery pack or power bank. It does come with a power cable to allow it to be used while plugged in. The Nuvoria Menstrual Relief Pad can be used with a compatible battery pack or power bank which can be bought in our shop.

Is the strap a particular size?

The strap is adjustable and can fit different sized people. It goes up to 109cm or 44 inches in waist circumference.

  • Powerful Relief for Cramps and IBS!

    "I have HORRIFIC cramps every month. I also have terrible IBS. This little powerful gadget helps TREMENDOUSLY. You can wear it whenever, even under clothes. Do yourself a favor and buy it!!"

    - Rachel H.

  • Best Purchase Ever

    "Hands down the best thing I've ever bought online. I usually have to stay in bed and don’t move. This had me on the go way more than what I usually am with cramps."

    - Marilyn C.

  • Effective, Medicine-Free Relief!

    "I use it for my menstrual cramps and OMG does it work. It has three different heat settings and three different vibration settings and it creates the perfect combo to alleviate cramps. I really like how it is a medicine free option that is hassle free."

    - Jaspreet S.

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  • Pain-Free 30 Days Return

  • Secure Payment Methods

  • Premium Insured Tacked Shipping

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